OpenStack Havana Design Summit in Portland – Day 3

That day was important for eNovance since we led 3 sessions :

How much for an Openstack Cloud please?

That’s it! You’re ready! You know everything there is to know about OpenStack. It’s architecture, features and a bunch of other cool stuff. But finally: How much does an OpenStack Cloud cost?

During this talk, Raphael showed the work on two real production use cases to provide you with a detailed, yet simple, financial analysis that will help you budget your future cloud projects. He also presented the case of a basic simple infrastructure and a second example will treat of a much more complex, high end platform.


Raphaël’s slides are here


High Availability from DevOps side

I and Sebastien explained how to make some OpenStack services highly available in active / active mode, or active / passive for some of them. We share our experiences on production environments where High Availabity is one of our top priority. This session was not a lesson, but more a talk in which that we would share what we are doing at eNovance, and how we achive High Availability on our deployments. We also shown our contribution on Pacemaker Resources Agents, on the documentation and also on Puppet modules for making OpenStack easier and faster to install.


You can check the slides here


From zero to success : The French Touch

Very nice (and funny talk) from Raphaël and Chmouel who explained the “coq au vin” recipe or “How to be a key player in the OpenStack industry”. French people are good cooks aren’t they?


You can see their story here


Havana and Python 3

Python 3 Compatability Team meets every Thursday @ 1600 UTC in #openstack-meeting.

  • single code base that is Python 2.x and 3.3 compatible.
  • get library projects compatible first (oslo, clients)
  • compatibility for current dependencies
  • ensure future dependencies are compatible


More informations here.


RackSpace Party


To finish the day, we were at RackSpace party which was really awesome. They’ve done a great job last night and thank’s to them we were able to spend a great time together.

Here some picture of our developers (including me) :



Tomorrow is the last day, and we won’t miss the interesting sessions about OpenStack development. So I’ll see you tomorrow for the last daily report about OpenStack Summit !

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Emilien is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat, who has contributed to several OpenStack projects but mostly to Puppet OpenStack Project, on which he's the current Project Technical Leader. When he isn't working to make OpenStack deployement simpler, faster, stronger, he's improving his running stats, doing some winter sports or traveling.