Interviews at OpenStack PTG Denver

I’m attending PTG this week to conduct project interviews. These interviews have several purposes. Please consider all of the following when thinking about what you might want to say in your interview:

  • Tell the users/customers/press what you’ve been working on in Rocky
  • Give them some idea of what’s (what might be?) coming in Stein
  • Put a human face on the OpenStack project and encourage new participants to join us
  • You’re welcome to promote your company’s involvement in OpenStack but we ask that you avoid any kind of product pitches or job recruitment

In the interview I’ll ask some leading questions and it’ll go easier if you’ve given some thought to them ahead of time:

  • Who are you? (Your name, your employer, and the project(s) on which you are active.)
  • What did you accomplish in Rocky? (Focus on the 2-3 things that will be most interesting to cloud operators)
  • What do you expect to be the focus in Stein? (At the time of your interview, it’s likely that the meetings will not yet have decided anything firm. That’s ok.)
  • Anything further about the project(s) you work on or the OpenStack community in general.

Finally, note that there are only 40 interview slots available, so please consider coordinating with your project to designate the people that you want to represent the project, so that we don’t end up with 12 interview about Neutron, or whatever.

I mean, LOVE me some Neutron, but let’s give some other projects love, too.

It’s fine to have multiple people in one interview – maximum 3, probably.

Interview slots are 30 minutes, in which time we hope to capture somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes of content. It’s fine to run shorter, but 15 minutes is probably an ideal length.

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