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Emilien is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat, who has contributed to several OpenStack projects but mostly to Puppet OpenStack Project, on which he's the current Project Technical Leader. When he isn't working to make OpenStack deployement simpler, faster, stronger, he's improving his running stats, doing some winter sports or traveling.

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  7. zaki
    zaki at |


    Actually i was trying to run the same with the help of docker toolbox on windows 7 . Will these commands change there? What sort of changes i will have to make?

    Thanks for the help!

  8. Ben
    Ben at |

    Digging around in the auth code, the cert_string that’s csnaiug this error is coming back empty in the unit tests. The pieces that generate it look to be shell calls to openssl perhaps there’s a dependency on a version there that I’m not up with. I have a copy of openssl version 1.0.0a 1 installed from MacPorts.

  9. smukalla
    smukalla at |

    Hi, I am using jenkins1.612 and i want to have under the post-build actions if we click on Advanced button to the right, a new option would appear. We need to check the box for “Do not fail the build on empty test results”.

    How it would be possible using jenkins job builder.


  10. Anonymus
    Anonymus at |

    Thanks. This post was really helpful.

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