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Cyril Roelandt is a Free (as in free speech!) Software developer, working with Red Hat/eNovance since July 2013. When he's not found writing code, he's found writing code.

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  3. Dimitri John Ledkov
    Dimitri John Ledkov at |

    Since September 2013 i have an ok python3 port of paste in Debian and Ubuntu. What needs to be done to make it available for OpenStack to use?

  4. Victor Stinner
    Victor Stinner at |

    Hi, you should try to contribute upstream. If you want to maintain a fork, you can propose to add it to OpenStack global requirements, then propose a patch to start using it. I’m not sure that Paste is the favorite option for (new) OpenStack components. Many changes were commited to port Paste to Python 3: Maybe you just need a release?

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