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Fabien is an Openstack Developer at eNovance. His main interests are Object Storage Swift and Functional testing suite of Openstack Tempest. He also have a strong interest on OpenSource since 10 years. At his spare time he like practice tennis.

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  2. Jordan
    Jordan at |

    Excellent blog post. Clear explanations and demo. Thanks a lot.

    (there is a bug introduced in python-jenkins 0.4.9 which affects jenkins-job builder. If you want to closely follow/reproduce the instructions in the blog post, install python-jenkins 0.4.8 or have a loot at

  3. sreeteja
    sreeteja at |

    Its a useful blog.. When i tried to setup this on my system. I am facing some issue in bringing jenkins service up …It is throwing service unavailable error..

    Could someone help me out..

  4. Rebekah
    Rebekah at |

    If we have two tickets for one feature and those two tickets should be verified together and merge at the same time,how can gate or depends-on help us?
    In your example, one ticket maybe go into master first, it is not allowed in my case.

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