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Tristan is a security Engineer at eNovance and member of the Vulnerability Management Team of OpenStack. He has been actively working in open source security for the past six years. He's also known to troll about SELinux or systemd.

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  1. Phani Kumar Yadavilli
    Phani Kumar Yadavilli at |

    The blog post was very informative and helpful. Could you please let me know where can i download the sandbox.

  2. Onur Sehitoglu
    Onur Sehitoglu at |

    Thank you. This is a really useful and clear tutorial. I had problem in prlimit nproc though. Since I try the sandbox with my desktop user, my current processes already reached the nproc limit so I had difficulties. Than I found a newer (than this article) controller called pids limitting the number of processes per cgroup. pids.max does the job.

    Thanks again.

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