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Sylvain is a principal software engineer at Red Hat. His main interests are OpenStack Neutron and SDN solutions. At his spare time he likes to play tennis and badminton.

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  1. david
    david at |

    great post !, looking for your next posts!

    very easy to understand keep the good work.


  2. Thomas Mangin
    Thomas Mangin at |

    Thank you very much Sylvain for this article.

    It made me realise that the current ExaBGP output is using a mix of string and number to represent data (asn is a number but is expressed as a string, extended-community is a mix – which is even worse), which is not ideal. I will update the format for version 4 to fix this issue.

    If you have any other feedback about ExaBGP please feel free to share it.

  3. Rami Rosen
    Rami Rosen at |

    Thanks for this post, keep on the good work!
    Rami Rosen

  4. alessandro
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    I have a question:

    Who is and what is your function?


  5. Debaprasad Das
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    Great article !!

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