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Numan Siddique is a Senior Software Engineer in Red Hat. He likes to work on OpenStack Neutron and SDN solutions. He contributes to OVN, and OpenStack OVN Neutron plugin. He has contributed to OpenContrail prior to OVN.

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  1. Trinath Somanchi
    Trinath Somanchi at |

    Nice Article.

    How to bring up and functional test OVN functionality in a single setup environment.

    please guide me.

  2. Cédric
    Cédric at |

    Hello Numan,

    Thanks for your article – we unfortunately have some issues deploying OVN with our tripleO. The stack fails with this error:
    Error: Evaluation Error: Error while evaluating a Function Call, Could not find data item ovn_dbs_vip in any Hiera data file and no default supplied at /etc/puppet/modules/tripleo/manifests/profile/base/neutron/plugins/ml2/ovn.pp:37:18 on node

    I didn’t find any mention of that ovn_dbs_vip, but it apparently should be generated/provisioned by tripleO, according to a chat you had on 2017-06-14[1]

    But apparently, we’re missing something somewhere. Care to explain a bit how the IP is provisioned? That part seems pretty obscure, and we’re unable to tackle that down.

    Small info: we’re deploying ocata (for now – we will move to pike very soon).

    Thank you!


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