Gonéri Le Bouder

Gonéri is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat. He has been involved in various free software projects during the last 15 years. Today, his daily routine includes Python, Ansible, reviewing patches and a lot of interaction with other people. He is also an OpenStack contributor.

Distributed-CI and InfraRed

Distributed-CI and InfraRed

Introduction Red Hat OpenStack QE team maintains a tool to deploy and test OpenStack. This tool can deploy different types of topologies and is very modular. You can extend it to cover some new use-case. This tool is called InfraRed and is a free software and is available on GitHub. The purpose of Distributed-CI (or DCI) is to help OpenStack… Read more →

OVB: TripleO on a Public OpenStack

In order to deploy an OpenStack cloud with the TripleO installer ( http://tripleo.org/ ), one needs at least 2 nodes for a basic setup. If one is interested in deploying more complex topologies, more nodes might be required, for an Highly Available (HA) setup, 4 nodes are required. Even if libvirt is well-suited for testing basic setups, its limits are… Read more →