OpenStack Havana Design Summit in Portland – Day 2

Let’s continue the series by the Day 2 article.


My day began fine because I’ve had breakfast with people from the community. I’ve been able to understand what is Outreach Program for Women and by the way I attended the session with other interns on OpenStack. It was very interesting to see that interns can be involved into the development of OpenStack projects.


Did you know that eNovance is hiring some interns ? Yes, we actually looking for some people who want to be involved in one of the most important Open-Source project in Cloud-Computing.


Quantum & Horizon

A great job has been done in Grizzly since more features has been coming in OpenStack Networking : load-balancing, metadata, overlapping, etc. The main new features that have been improved in the last release are : Architecture Overview, Load balancing management, L3 support. Thanks to the developers, we have now a great support of Quantum in Horizon.


OpenStack Networking : SDN controller improvement

Edouard Thuleau from CloudWatt and Nick Barcet led a session about improving the features in the OVS plugin for OpenStack Networking. It was very interesting to see that there is two kind of plugins : third party controller & SDN controller. The community is waiting for that OVS plugin being able to scale and being Highly Available at least with the features that we had in Nova-Network (Multi-Host). The session was explaining that OVS plugin should use both data & controle planes for managing the virtual network.


You can check the slides at this URL.




Tomorrow, eNovance will attend several sessions, and of course we are going to share here our experience and let you know what has been said.

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