Happy Birthday OpenStack from SF Bay Area Open Infra

Happy Birthday OpenStack from SF Bay Area Open Infra

I love birthday celebrations! They’re so full of joy and reminiscing of years gone by. Discussions of “I knew her when” or “Remember when he… ?” They have a tendency to bring separate communities of people together in unique and fun ways. And we all know how passionate I am about communities… So when Rain Leander suggested that I attend… Read more →

The RDO Community Represents at RedHat Summit, May 8-10

Over the past few weeks we’ve been gearing up for Red Hat Summit and now it’s almost here! We hope to see you onsite — there are so many great talks, events, and networking opportunities to take advantage of. From panels to general sessions to hands-on labs, chances are you’re going to have a hard time choosing which sessions to… Read more →

eNovance talks at next OpenStack Summit Paris

Next November in Paris, the OpenStack community is going to design our future Kilo release. Together, developers, users and companies are building and sharing thoughts about ‘How OpenStack is going to be most scalable – the most efficient – the most Open Source Cloud that ever existed ? eNovance is proud to be part of this community project and to be… Read more →