Julien Danjou

Free Software Hacker & Principal Software Engineer at eNovance.

Distributed group management and locking in Python with tooz

With OpenStack embracing the Tooz library more and more over the past year, I think it’s a good start to write a bit about it. A bit of history A little more than year ago, with my colleague Yassine Lamgarchal and others at eNovance, we investigated on how to solve a problem often encountered inside OpenStack: synchronization of multiple distributed… Read more →

OpenStack Ceilometer and the Gnocchi experiment

OpenStack Ceilometer and the Gnocchi experiment

A little more than 2 years ago, the Ceilometer project was launched inside the OpenStack ecosystem. Its main objective was to measure OpenStack cloud platforms in order to provide data and mechanisms for functionalities such as billing, alarming or capacity planning. In this article, I would like to relate what I’ve been doing with other Ceilometer developers in the last… Read more →