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Sébastien is a Cloud Engineer at eNovance. His daily activities are mainly focused on OpenStack and Ceph. Quite often, he rotates between Devs, Ops and Pre-sales teams. During his free time, he loves playing Magic the Gathering cards!

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  2. Blair
    Blair at |

    Hi Sebastian,

    Where are you guys at with swift-ceph-backend and container and accounts DB multi-backend support? The relevant reviews seem to have stalled for a while…

    How do you recommend deploying this as is, in terms of boxes and services?

  3. edle
    edle at |

    Does anyone know if “Volume migration support with volume retype (Josh Durgin): move block from Ceph to other backend and the other way around” was added to Openstack Junos? I tried migrating from rbd to LVM and it didnt work, but not sure if its suppose to work . I checked around the net and found that it will be on Kilo, so im not sure which on is true.

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