Next OpenStack Release ? It’s now time to vote for talks

Next spring again, the community is going to design our future OpenStack release.
Together, developers, users and companies are building and sharing thoughts about ‘How OpenStack is going to be most scalable – the most efficient – the most Open Source Cloud that ever existed ?’
eNovance is proud to be part of this community project and to be an active contributor to the code. Our talented experts have proposed talks :

Ceph and Swift, so close but yet different :
During this session we are going over the differences between Ceph and Swift and how each storage system are fulfilling different use cases. We are going over the future and how they would be able to cooperate between each others in your system architecture. (Chmouel Boudjnah)

The life of an OpenStack contributor in animated GIFs:
In this session we are going to show you the day to day of an OpenStack developer and an OpenStack operator. (Speakers: Emilien Macchi and Chmouel Boudjnah)

Swift – The Defacto Object Storage for OpenStack submitted by Mario Blandini :
This session is intended to highlight the results deployers can get from using the engine that already runs the world’s largest storage clouds. [*](Speakers: Joe Arnold and Chmouel Boudjnah)

The state of OpenStack integration with Puppet :
During this talk, I’ll share with you my experience in OpenStack automation and let you know how you can deploy OpenStack with Stackforge modules like a charm. (Speaker: Emilien Macchi)

High availability in Neutron – Getting the L3 agent right :
This talk will provide a view of the work which has been made on the L3 agent and the virtual routers during the last release regarding to the high availability. (Speakers: Emilien Macchi and Sylvain Afchain)

OpenStack, The view from Enterprise IT and CIOs :
In this session, we will review the results of the global survey conducted by eNovance on OpenStack and non OpenStack users, from the IT service delivery perspective on how OpenStack is perceived by top IT executives from some of the world’s largest organizations. (Philippe Theriault)

Stackers onboarding at scale :
In this talk, we’ll explain how to bring talents to your team and having them up to speed quickly. Finding OpenStack specialists is difficult?  We will show  you  how to create an OpenStack Revolution Maker factory. (Jean Davies and Frederic Lepied)

Performance Matters, a check list to a good OpenStack setup :
This talk is about sharing eNovance’s experience of items to take into account before and during OpenStack deployments. (Erwan Vellu)

eDeploy: bare-metal provisioning your OpenStack nodes :
In this presentation, you’ll learn how to build eDeploy roles, which kind of policy to use to organize your deployment, how to install eDeploy roles on various configurations (bare metal, LXC or OpenStack), how to upgrade your systems under the control of eDeploy. (Frederic Lepied)

OpenStack and Ceph: the winning pair :
The main goal of the talk is to convince those of you who aren’t already using Ceph as a storage backend for OpenStack to do so. (Sebastien Han)

How do you agile your global team to contribute to OpenStack :
How do you agile your global team to contribute to OpenStack is the talk for everyone who wants to scale agile in multiple distributed teams contributing upstream to Openstack and other open source projects. Monville and Frederic Lepied)

Whatthestack? A tool based on Tempest to verify your deployments :
This session will explain in more details the objectives of whatthestack, as well as demonstrate it’s use. It will end with a 2 way forum to gather idea and potential feedback that we will use for future directions of the tool. (Christian Schwede and Nick Barcet)

It is all about the ecosystem: building a community beyond the development :
This talk will explore possibilities on how to drive that effort and will offer interaction with the whole attendance to define the course to this ecosystem building, this community of operators that we need to create. (Nick Barcet)

Are enterprises ready for the OpenStack transformation?
Based on our experience delivering cloud project to enterprises, this presentation will give some key learnings on what are the required steps to make sure that your enterprise is ready for the OpenStack transformation. (Nick Barcet)

Gathering feedback from the Ceilometer users :
Not all OpenStack Telemetry (Ceilometer) users are OpenStack developers, and yet, we would really like to gather feedback from them.  Since the developer summit sessions are not accessible to non ATC members, we would like to organize a 50 minute workshop to gather feedback from existing users. (Julien Danjou and Nick)

Neutron Roundtable: Overlay or full SDN?
In this roundtable we will ask 5 OpenStack Networking  experts to prepare a 5 min position statement on which model they preffer and for what purposes, then we will open the floor to a debate within the group and with the public. (Nick to moderate)

Public Cloud on OpenStack: The Challenge of Knowing What to Push to Production and How to Keep it Running :
Learn how industry leading OpenStack-powered public cloud providers set up OpenStack for public clouds, keep the software updated while maintaining high levels of availability. (Nick to participate)

Extend Swift by developing your own middlewares :
This talk will give an overview on how Python wsgi middlewares are working in general and how to use them. (Christian Schwede)

What is the OpenStack Vulnerability Management Team?
This session will present what is the purpose of this team, give a deeper look at the process from bug report, to downstream patch, to advisory, explain what are the best practices for reporter and developer working on security bugs. (Tristan Cacqueray)

Openstack Swift as a backend for Git :
This talk will give an overview of Git server side (what it is done when you fetch/push to a remote Git repository). (Fabien Boucher)

Why OpenStack is ready for large company ? European use cases :
Evangelisation time is over: OpenStack is now ready for Large Companies. Let us show you why. (Benjamin Brial)

It is now time to vote!

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