Community Blog Round-Up: 11 July

I know what you’re thinking – another blog round up SO SOON?!? Is it MY BIRTHDAY?!? Maybe! But it’s definitely OpenStack’s birthday this month – eight years old – and there are an absolute TON of blog posts as a result. Well, maybe not a ton, but definitely a lot to write about and therefore, there are a lot more community blog round ups. Expect more of the same as content allows! So, sit back and enjoy the latest RDO community blog round-up while you eat a piece of cake and wish a very happy birthday to OpenStack.

Virtualize your OpenStack control plane with Red Hat Virtualization and Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13 by Ramon Acedo Rodriguez, Product Manager, OpenStack

With the release of-Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13 (Queens)-we’ve added support to Red Hat OpenStack Platform director to deploy the overcloud controllers as virtual machines in a Red Hat Virtualization cluster. This allows you to have your controllers, along with other supporting services such as Red Hat Satellite, Red Hat CloudForms, Red Hat Ansible Tower, DNS servers, monitoring servers, and of course, the undercloud node (which hosts director), all within a Red Hat Virtualization cluster. This can reduce the physical server footprint of your architecture and provide an extra layer of availability.


Red Hat OpenStack Platform: Making innovation accessible for production by Maria Bracho, Principal Product Manager OpenStack

An OpenStack®️-based cloud environment can help you digitally transform to succeed in fast-paced, competitive markets. However, for many organizations, deploying open source software supported only by the community can be intimidating. Red Hat®️ OpenStack Platform combines community-powered innovation with enterprise-grade features and support to help your organization build a production-ready private cloud.


Converting policy.yaml to a list of dictionaries by Adam Young

The policy .yaml file generated from oslo is not very useful for anything other than feeding to oslo-policy to enforce. If you want to use these values for anything else, it would be much more useful to have each rule as a dictionary, and all of the rules in a list. Here is a little bit of awk to help out:


A Git Style change management for a Database driven app. by Adam Young

The Policy management tool I’m working on really needs revision and change management.- Since I’ve spent so much time with Git, it affects my thinking about change management things.- So, here is my attempt to lay out my current thinking for implementing a git-like scheme for managing policy rules.


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