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Stein PTG Summary for Documentation and i18n

Stein PTG Summary for Documentation and i18n

Ian Y. Choi and I already shared a summary of docs and i18n updates from the Stein Project Teams Gathering with the openstack-dev mailing list, but I also wanted to post the updates here for wider distribution. So, here comes what I found the most interesting out of our docs- and i18n-related meetings and discussions we had in Denver from… Read more →

Introducing Networking-Ansible

During the OpenStack Rocky release cycle a new OpenStack ML2 driver project was established: networking-ansible. This project integrates OpenStack with the Ansible Networking project. Ansible Networking is the part of the Ansible project that focuses on providing an Ansible interface for network operators to manage network switch configuration. By consuming Ansible Networking as the backend interface to network switch configuration… Read more →

Interviews at OpenStack PTG Denver

Interviews at OpenStack PTG Denver

I’m attending PTG this week to conduct project interviews. These interviews have several purposes. Please consider all of the following when thinking about what you might want to say in your interview: Tell the users/customers/press what you’ve been working on in Rocky Give them some idea of what’s (what might be?) coming in Stein Put a human face on the… Read more →

Community Blog Round Up: 30 August

Community Blog Round Up: 30 August

There have only been four articles in the past month? YES! But brace yourself. Release is HERE! Today is the official release day of OpenStack’s latest version, Rocky. And, sure, while we only have four articles for today’s blogroll, we’re about to get a million more posts as everyone installs, administers, uses, reads, inhales, and embraces the latest version of… Read more →

Distributed-CI and InfraRed

Distributed-CI and InfraRed

Introduction Red Hat OpenStack QE team maintains a tool to deploy and test OpenStack. This tool can deploy different types of topologies and is very modular. You can extend it to cover some new use-case. This tool is called InfraRed and is a free software and is available on GitHub. The purpose of Distributed-CI (or DCI) is to help OpenStack… Read more →

Community Blog Round Up: 31 July

One last happy birthday to OpenStack before we get ready to wrap up Rocky and prep for OpenStack PTG in Denver Colorado. Mary makes us drool over cupcakes, Carlos asks for our vote for his TripleO presentations, and Assaf dives into tenant, provider, and external neutron networks! Happy Birthday OpenStack from SF Bay Area Open Infra by Mary Thengvall I… Read more →

Happy Birthday OpenStack from SF Bay Area Open Infra

Happy Birthday OpenStack from SF Bay Area Open Infra

I love birthday celebrations! They’re so full of joy and reminiscing of years gone by. Discussions of “I knew her when” or “Remember when he… ?” They have a tendency to bring separate communities of people together in unique and fun ways. And we all know how passionate I am about communities… So when Rain Leander suggested that I attend… Read more →

Community Blog Round-Up: 18 July

We’ve got three posts this week related to OpenStack – Adam Young’s insight on how to verify if a patch has been tested as a reviewer, while Zane Bitter takes a look at OpenStack’s multiple layers of services, and then Nir Yechiel introduces us to the five things we need to know about networking on Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13…. Read more →

Community Blog Round-Up: 11 July

I know what you’re thinking – another blog round up SO SOON?!? Is it MY BIRTHDAY?!? Maybe! But it’s definitely OpenStack’s birthday this month – eight years old – and there are an absolute TON of blog posts as a result. Well, maybe not a ton, but definitely a lot to write about and therefore, there are a lot more… Read more →

Community Blog Round-Up: 04 July

So much happened over the past month that it’s definitely time to set off the fireworks! To start, Steve Hardy shares his tips and tricks for TripleO containerized deployments, then Zane Bitter talks discusses the ever expanding OpenStack Foundation, while Maria Bracho introduces us to Red Hat OpenStack Platform’s fast forward upgrades in a step-by-step overview, and so very much… Read more →

Rocky Test Days Milestone 2: June 14-15

Who’s up for a rematch? Rocky Milestone 2 is here and we’re ready to rumble! Join us on June 14 & 15 (next Thursday and Friday) for an awesome time of taking down bugs and fighting errors in the most recent release. We won’t be pulling any punches. Want to get in on the action? We’re looking for developers, users,… Read more →

Community Blog Round-up: June 4

I’m in a bit of shock that it’s already June… anyone else share that feeling? With summer around the corner for those of us in the northern hemisphere (or Juneuary as we call it in San Francisco), there’s a promise of vacations ahead. Be sure to take us along on your various adventures — sharing about your new favorite hacks,… Read more →

RDO Duck adventures at the Vancouver OpenStack Summit

Last week, I attended the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver, as RDO Ambassador. That was a good experience to connect with the RDO community. What does an RDO ambassador do? As an ambassador, your role is to engage the community by answering their questions, helping them to fix their issues, or getting started to contribute. You don’t need to know everything,… Read more →

The RDO Community Represents at RedHat Summit, May 8-10

Over the past few weeks we’ve been gearing up for Red Hat Summit and now it’s almost here! We hope to see you onsite — there are so many great talks, events, and networking opportunities to take advantage of. From panels to general sessions to hands-on labs, chances are you’re going to have a hard time choosing which sessions to… Read more →