Mehdi Abaakouk

Mehdi Abaakouk (sileht) is a senior python developer, he mainly works on Ceilometer as Core Developer.
When he doesn't work on Openstack, he does DevOps stuffs for the non-profit ISP or dance on crazy swing rhythm.

Autoscaling with Heat, Ceilometer and Gnocchi

A while ago, I had made a quick article/demo of how to use Ceilometer instead of the built-in emulated Amazon CloudWatch resources of Heat. To extend on the previous post, when you create a stack, instances of the stack generated notifications that were received by Ceilometer and converted into samples to be written to a database; usually MongoDB. On the… Read more →

Writing a Gnocchi storage driver for ceph

Writing a Gnocchi storage driver for ceph

As presented by Julien Danjou, Gnocchi is designed to store metric metadata into an indexer (usually a SQL database) and store the metric measurements into another backend. The default backend creates timeseries using Carbonara (a pandas based library) and stores them into Swift. The storage Gnocchi backend is pluggable, and not all deployments install Swift, so I have decided to… Read more →